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Credit Before Capital


This course takes and in-depth look at how to build, maintain, and re-establish credit. Research indicates that consumers who complete courses related to financial health will have a better understanding of the steps they can take to improve their credit and make long-term changes in the way they use credit.   

This practical hands on training “Learn Today Use Tomorrow” approach can provide the knowledge consumers need to make better financial choices to begin building a solid financial foundation for the future.

Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will receive a graduate packet that includes cards to send the three national credit bureaus so participants can add a statement to their credit reports.  

VALUE TO ENTREPRENEURS:  Knowledge on the importance of personal credit history & its relationship in accessing credit and capital for business enterprises. 

Curriculum – Credit When Credit is Due – Upon completion, program Certificate from the American Center for Credit Education 

What you will learn:

LESSON 1: The Facts of Life · What you need to know to get along as a financially responsible adult

LESSON 2: Living On The Edge · How to budget and save your money, and plug your spending leaks

LESSON 3: To  Borrow Or Not To Borrow · How to decide if you should pay cash or borrow the money you need

LESSON 4: So You Have Decided To Borrow Some Money · How to get through the credit-granting process once you have made the decision to borrow

LESSON 5: The Terms Of The Deal · How to determine if you are getting the deal you have bargained for

LESSON 6: Auto Loans And Leases · One of the toughest deals to negotiate

LESSON 7: Home Sweet Home · The largest debt you are likely to ever have

LESSON 8: Credit Cards And Other Loans · What you need to know about credit cards, personal signature loans, etc.

LESSON 9: You've Got Trouble When · How to tell when you may have a problem

LESSON 10: When You Fall Behind · Dealing with delinquency and bill collectors

LESSON 11: Bankruptcy · The ultimate credit overload

LESSON 12: Building And Rebuilding Your Credit · How to establish good credit when you have no credit history or even a bad credit past

Class format and Seating:  In class instruction & seating is limited to a first come first serve basis

Upcoming Schedule:  

Day:  Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

Dates: February 6th & 8th, February 13th & 15th, and February 20th & 22nd

Time:  6:00pm - 8:30pm

Cost:  $100 per person


Location:  105 W Allegan Suite 10, Lower Level

Register online now or call: (517) 853-5890 and leave name phone & address


This is and was an incredible experience, I really enjoyed the course, the discussions that followed afterwards and the overall fun that we all shared and learned together, and hopefully we'll meet and come together in business planning and other opportunities to share and compare the differences from back when to what we know now, concerning our financial capabilities opposed to our financial inadequacies and bad choices before being afforded the rewards of being a part of (CREDIT WHEN CREDIT IS DUE). I WOULD LIKE TO PERSONALLY THANK EVERYONE INVOLVED FOR PUTTING THIS CLASS TOGETHER FOR US, AND THOSE WHO WILL BE ATTENDING LATER. - 02-18-2011

Is there a list of US locations where this class is offered? Is there an investment class that teaches about smart investing? - 02-19-2011

Denise, you have done an outstanding job teaching this class. Explaining, and sharing your personal experiences. Thank you so much and I will suggest this class to others.  - 02-24-2011

Great Class, Wonderful Teacher - 02-28-2011

The class was wonderful. The teacher Denise Peak did an amazing job of relaying the information in a direct, easy to understand and entertaining way. The only suggestion I have is that an index and glossary be added to the book Credit When Credit Is Due by Paul Strassels. This would help greatly when referencing materials. I am going to highly recommend this class to others; there is such a great need for it! Thanks, Pamela Kreiner, MBA - 03-01-2011

This course was very informative and very helpful - 03-01-2011


I enjoyed this class very much. It helped me to have a better understanding of how I need to pay attention to where I am spending my money. I look forward to taking the next Business class Micro-Entrepreneur Class which at this time I cannot afford. I hope that this class will be offered again soon. Ms. Peek was an awesome instructor she took the time to go over things and listen to all my own stories of how I ended up in this financial situation. After class she also took time to make sure I understood what I needed to do in order to help my situation. Thank you Rachel Trevino - 03-03-2011

I have already recommended this class to a friend. Before shopping for credit I will be reviewing this study material and book concerning the appropriate section. Thank You; Raymond E. Fawcett. 07-02-2012

The Credit Course is excellent tool to learn for those who do not understand how to it works. Once you have learned from your completion with Ms. Peek there no excuse for failure. I extend my sincere thank you to Dr. Bouknight for financing it, Ms. Peek whose an excellent teacher and Ms. Danielle Ralston an excellent motivator. 03-02-2013

First I would like to thank Eaglevision for sponsoring me also thank Denise Peek for help in instructing me about my finances, credit, how to fix and obtain. Also when I went off subject with business questions she was not bothered but took the time to educate me. For the class and the knowledge I want to let Danielle Ralston from Eaglevision and Denise Peek know how much I appreciated it. 03-02-2013

I took not only the online quizzes but, a class as well. I believe it was easier for me and my classmates with having a physical teacher rather than just reading out of a book. This credit class was wonderful and I would gladly recommend it to anyone. 06-13-2013

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take and complete this class. The lessons will prove to be very helpful in my financial future. 06-18-2013