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Attention Entrepreneurs

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Foundations of Business Planning

Business Development Services:  FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS PLANNING
Value to Entrepreneurs:  Solid foundation for the success of their business, investment in the future of their business, resources and knowledge gained.
Business Plan Basics NxLevel’s® Guide for Micro Entrepreneurs 3rd Edition
This introductory small-business course was developed by an experienced micro-business training team, and can be taught in various configurations depending on the objectives of the training organization.
The 15–session course presents options and strategies for achieving self-sufficiency through self-employment, with an emphasis on learning and meeting professional standards for financial management, marketing and customer service.
Whether participants wish to explore self-employment options, turn a hobby into a reliable income source or professionalize an existing micro-business, NxLeveL's practical "learn it today, use it tomorrow" approach will help them build a solid foundation for success.


Dates:  MARCH 14TH - JUNE 20TH 2018

Day & Time: WEDNESDAYS - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Location:  Entrepreneur Institute - 105 W Allegan Suite 10, Lower Level, Lansing, MI

Costs: $ 300 or $ 400  (Based on income levels)

Other information required:  Copy of IRS 1040 2017 Tax Return or 2017 W-2's which verifies income.

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Learning Objectives of the Foundations of Business Planning:

Session One

  • The importance of professionalism
  • Self-assessment: communication skills, time management and other business skills
  • The value of networking
  • Preparing an action plan for your micro-business  

Session Two

  • What kind of business is right for you?
  • What is your business niche?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Contingency planning

Session Three

  • Why planning is essential
  • Setting realistic business goals and objectives
  • The NxLeveL Micro-Entrepreneur Business Plan

Session Four

  • Elements of a marketing plan
  • The basics of market research
  • Useful types of market data
  • Understanding your place in your industry

Session Five

  • Laws and regulations that affect micro-business
  • Getting help with regulations
  • Understanding contracts and leases

Session Six

  • Managing your micro-business
  • The challenges of running a home-based business
  • Hiring and managing employees
  • Business insurance and other expenses

Session Seven

  • How to describe the features and benefits of your products
  • How to find out who and where your customers are
  • How to research your competitors
  • How to estimate your market potential

Session Eight

  • Effective micro-business marketing strategies
  • How packaging affects success
  • Creating a brand identity
  • Pricing and your break-even point

Session Nine

  • Delivering your product or service
  • How location and distribution affect price and profitability
  • Promoting your micro-business
  • Developing a marketing budget

Session 10

  • The basics of online promotion
  • Online sales and order fulfillment
  • E-commerce options for micro-business

Session 11

  • Basic selling concepts
  • What customers need and expect from your business
  • Developing a customer service philosophy

Session 12

  • Understanding cash flow projections and budgeting
  • Developing realistic sales and expense forecasts
  • Preparing a cash flow projection for Year 1
  • The purpose of Income Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Calculating start-up costs for your micro-business

Session 13

  • Making ethical business decisions
  • The importance of bookkeeping and record keeping
  • How and when to use common business forms
  • Getting professional help

Session 14

  • Financing your micro-business
  • Choosing between debt and equity financing
  • Unconventional financing options
  • What lenders expect from a start-up
  • How ratios measure the financial health of a micro-business
  • Credit and collection basics

Session 15

  • Negotiating with partners, employees, customers and vendors
  • Preparing for growth
  • Next steps: Using your NxLeveL Action Plan to get your micro-business up and running