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Attention Entrepreneurs

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What We Do

  Educate Empower Entrepreneurs
Credit Before Capital
Increases Knowledge of Credit & Debt
Creditworthiness to Access Capital
Foundations of
Business Planning
Development of Business Plan
Solid Foundation for Starting or Expanding a Business
Accessing Microloans
JumpStart  Microloans
Levels I & II
Microloan Products
Emerging Entrepreneurs
Levels I, II & III
Working Capital for Entrepreneurs
Access to Capital
$500 - $2500
$2501 - $10K
$10,001 - $50K
Access to Capital needed to start, expand or retain a small business.
Pre-Loan and Post-Loan Technical Assistance.  Access to New Markets, Peer-to-Peer Networking
Entrepreneur Institute is an
SBA Microloan Lender
Educate  & Empower Entrepreneurs
Business Development Services

Credit before Capital, Managing Credit History before Managing Business Credit

Credit when credit is due
  • Value to Entrepreneurs:  Knowledge on the importance of personal credit history & its relationship in accessing credit and capital for business enterprises.
  • Curriculum – Credit When Credit is Due - Certificate Program from the American Center for Credit Education

Foundations of Business Planning

Business plan basics - NxLevel Guide
  • Value to Entrepreneurs:  Solid foundation for the success of their business, investment in the future of their business, resources and knowledge gained.
  • Curriculum - Business Plan Basics NxLevel’s® Guide for Micro Entrepreneurs 3rd Edition – Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Participation is available to entrepreneurs

Technical Assistance

  • Provide one-on-one counseling session Business Plan Review
  • Microloan Application Assistance Pre Loan Application TA
  • Microloan Post Loan Technical Assistance Post Loan TA – Coffee & Bagels Roundtable Meetings
  • Information on workshops and seminars that are valuable to entrepreneurs

What We Do – Empower Entrepreneurs

Access to Capital/Microloan ProgramsSBA Logo

The Entrepreneur Institute is the regions only microloan lender and SBA Microloan Lender.  Microloans are loans that assist entrepreneurs who are not able to access capital through traditional financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions. 

The 5 C’s of a Microloans’ Value to Entrepreneurs

Capital - Nontraditional Lending Resource
Collateral - Willing to assess Greater Risk of the loan using non-traditional collateral
Credit - Builds or Re-Builds Credit History 
Capacity - Ongoing technical assistance for the Mircoborrower
Character - Builds a Solid Foundation for Success to become Bankable
Basic Criteria

Entrepreneur Institute’s Microloan Program

5 or fewer employees
Located within Ingham, Eaton, Clinton & Shiawassee Counties
For Profit Business or Non-Profit Child Care Center

SBA Microloan Program

5 or fewer employees
Located within Ingham, Eaton, Clinton & Shiawassee Counties
For Profit Business or Non-Profit Child Care Center
Microloan Products for Entrepreneurs
  • JumpStart Microloans Levels I & II - $500 - $2500
  • Emerging Entrepreneurs Levels I, II & III
  • $2501 - $ 3750, $3751 - $ 7500, $ 7500 - $10K
  • Working Capital for Entrepreneurs - $10,001 - $25K
  • SBA Microloan Program - Maximum Loan Amount - $ 35K